Events organised by the research group

Online seminars of the Research group (contact us to receive a zoom link) in the spring term 2022:

25 February 2022: invited talk Henny Piezonka (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel) “Terribly international, almost cosmopolitan conditions” – Negotiating Taz Selkup identity in Western Siberia

18 March 2022: Mira Bergelson (NRU HSE), Marina Raskladkina, Andrei Kirbrik (Institute of Linguistics & Lomonosov State University) Cultural and linguistic contacts in Alaska: an analysis of the legacy documents (IN RUSSIAN)

8 April 2022: invited talk Evgeniya Korovina (Institute of Linguistics RAS) On the history of the Tungusic language family: migrations, contacts and chronology (IN RUSSIAN)

13 May 2022: Maria Amelina (Institute of Linguistics RAS) Tajmyr (Yenisei) dialect of Tundra Nenets: structural peculiarities and language contacts (IN RUSSIAN)

27 May 2022: Maria Pupynina (Institute for Linguistic Studies RAS) Eskimo-Chukchi language contacts: after the 2021 fieldtrip (IN RUSSIAN)


7-10.06.2021: project team members presented their research at the thematic panel ‘Unsettling multilingualism: insights from non-polyglossic communities around the globe’ within the 23rd Sociolinguistic Symposium (Hong-Kong, online)

11-13.02.2021: 2nd International conference “Indigenous languages of Russia in contact with Russian”

06.02.2020: “Alaska fieldwork 2019 -2” open seminar: working in Kodiak, Ninilchik, Fairbanks, Nikolai, and McGrath

21.01.2020: “Alaska fieldwork 2019 -1” open seminar

25-27.10.2019: 2nd International conference “Language contact in the circumpolar world” (Institute of Linguistics, RAS)

15-17.04.2019: International conference “Typology of small-scale multilingualism” (Lyon, France), organized jointly by the project members, HSE Linguistic Convergence Laboratory and the“Dynamique Du Langage” laboratory (CNRS, France). NB: the conference has become a series, see the upcoming 2nd conference on small-scale multilingualism

30.11-1.12.2018: International conference “Indigenous languages of Russia in contact with Russian”

25-26.05.2018: Historical phonetics of Samoyedic languages

March to May 2018: A joint reading group (together with the HSE Linguistic Convergence Laboratory) on traditional multilingualism; as a result of the reading group, we organized an International conference on small-scale multilingualism in April, 2019.

13.04.2018: Workshop “Before the shift: sociolinguistic description of indigenous languages of Russia”; see also a special issue of the Tomsk Journal of Linguistics and Anthropology (2019-1), where the linguistic papers are extended versions of the papers presented at the workshop

27-29.10.2017: 1st International conference “Language contact in the circumpolar region”

12.05.2017: Open seminar “The history of language contact in the circumpolar region”

Apart from this, there is a regular research seminar in the Institute of Linguistics, RAS:


  • I. V. Makarov, D. S. Kovalev. An overview of archeological studies of the Northeast Siberia
  • N. M. Stoynova. Fieldwork by the Ulchs (Feb.-Mar 2020).
  • O. A. Kazakevich, E. L. Klyachko, K. O. Sheifer. Fieldwork by the Evenkis (Tugur-Chumikan district, Khabarovsk Krai) (July-August 2019)
  • Yu. B. Koryakov, O. V. Khanina. Interactive map of circumpolar languages
  • E. L. Klyachko, N. A. Mamontova. Legacy Evenki maps and developing a toponymic database
  • M. Yu. Pupynina. Multilingualism to the East of the Lower Kolyma: Chukchi-Even linguistic and cultural contacts


  • O. V. Khanina. Taimyr/ Lower Yenisey: 2017-2019 research
  • A. Vlakhov (HSE). What modern Arctic anthropology is and how it can help linguists
  • P. S. Pleshak. The influence of the Russian intonation on the Enets intonation: a corpus study
  • A. A. Kibrik, M. B. Bergelson, M. K. Raskladkina. Alaskan fieldwork in 2019


  • J. Nichols (Berkeley University; HSE). The Northern Hemisphere as a linguistic area
  • A. A. Kibrik. Language contact in the Interior Alaska: Upper Kuskokwim
  • M. V. Khudyakova (HSE). Neurolinguistics of multilingualism
  • N. M. Stoynova, P. S. Pleshak, I. A. Khomchenkova. The Corpus of Contact-Influenced Russian of Northern Siberia and the Russian Far East
  • Yu. B. Koryakov. Ethnolinguistic map of settlements: Russia and North America
  • V. Yu. Gusev, O. V. Khanina. Nganasan and Tundra Enets contacts: geography, chronology, sociolinguistic situation, and their linguistic consequences
  • O. A. Kazakevich. Selkup-Ket-Evenki “melting pot” in the Russian-dominated surroundings
  • O. V. Khanina, Yu. B. Koryakov, O. A. Kazakevich, Yu.Ye. Galyamina. Working with the legacy census data
  • M. K. Amelina. The Nenets of the Tukhard tundra: local geography, material culture, sociolinguistic situation, Taimyr (Yenisey) dialect of the Tundra Nenets language
  • Yu. Ye. Galyamina. Working in the Krasnoyarsk archives
  • M. B. Bergelson. Alaskan Russian
  • Yu. Ye. Galyamina, N. V. Petrov (RSUH, RANEPA). Fieldwork by the Kets
  • O. A. Kazakevich. Fieldwork by the Evenkis (Irkutsk oblast, 2018)
  • O. V. Khanina, Yu. B. Koryakov. Mapping multilingualism (the case of Taimyr)
  • M. Yu. Pupynina. The Lower Kolyma multilingualism
  • M. K. Raskladkina. Working in the Krasnoyarsk archives; a comparison to the US archives
  • N. M. Stoynova, P. S. Pleshak, I. A. Khomchenkova. The Siberian Russian: a corpus study of gender disagreement
  • V. Yu. Gusev. On possible areal links between the Samoyedic and the Yukaghir languages


  • A. A. Kibrik, M. B. Bergelson, O. V. Khanina, V. Yu. Gusev, O. A. Kazakevich, E. L. Klyachko. Summer fieldtrips in 2017
  • Yu. B. Koryakov. Mapping circumpolar languages
  • O. V. Khanina, O. A. Kazakevich. Field methods of sociolinguistic studies for the aims of the project